Top Tips to Sell Your House Fast

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You can be surprised that you put a property in the market and it sells within two weeks, while a similar property takes more than a year and several months to sell. Well, there are many factors that determine how fast or slow a property sells in the market. If you are venturing into the real estate market for the first time, it is advisable to seek assistance from reliable experts for property brokerage LJ Hooker, which is one of the providers of real estate solutions in Australia.

So how can you make your house sell faster in the real estate market? In addition to the advice that you can get from reliable professionals for property brokerage LJ Hooker, here are top tips you can follow to achieve the faster selling quality.

Give curb appeal the first priority

Whether you like it or not, first impression is of great importance. Therefore, if your house has chipped paint, and untrimmed bushes, you know it will attract a negative impression. To make your property more inviting for potential buyers, ensure that the curb appeal looks its best. Trim the bushes, add a new layer of mulch, and bring fresh flowers in the planters, especially at the front space. What people see when they are coming in, will influence their decision whether they can purchase the property or not.

Deal with necessary repairs

Don’t overlook even the repairs you consider minor such as leaking faucets or chipped paints. Those are telltale signs that you may not be maintaining the property in other ways. In addition to the smaller repairs, you should work on major repairs such as mending the backyard fence or reviewing the electrical wiring system or the plumbing system. If the paint is chipped, you should revamp the entire painting, both interior and exterior parts of the property.

Ensure your price is right

This will depend on a number of factors, but as long as you know the market value of your property, you can set the price slightly higher than the appraisal value. However, be careful to fit in the price bracket of the homes in the same locality. It is even advisable to set the price slightly below the mark for your property to sell faster.

Your goal is to sell the property quickly, even if you do not make that huge profit. All the same, you should know your competition when you put a property for sale in the market. This can help you set a realistic price that matches the trend in your community. As such, you need to obtain as much relevant information as possible. Visit relevant sites such as, or for important information on latest real estate developments.

Alternatively, you can get more information from certified property brokerage LJ Hooker for more advice that is appropriate. With the right pricing, improvement of curb appeal, and making the required repairs, you can be able to sell your property faster than your competitors. For additional information about real estate solutions in Australia, visit

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