Learn Four Common Printer Problems You Can Easily Fix

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Printers are mysterious, often annoying gadgets to many consumers. Luckily, most glitches related to the printers are easy to handle.  With a little knowledge, you can easily enhance the cost effectiveness, speed, and quality of your printing. Below are some of the printer problems that may require you to hire printer repairs Richmond has today.

The printer won’t print

In case your printer fails to respond when you attempt printing a document, ensure it is properly turned on and that no cable has come loose. For network connected and USB computers, you have to install the printer driver on the computer that you are printing from. At times, the driver might be corrupted requiring you to hire printer repairs Richmond has today.

If you are not sure if the computer has an already installed driver for your printer, you can easily check with the help of windows. Open the folder of the printer from the control panel or the start menu. Depending on your window’s version it may be called devices and printer, or printer. The windows will show you a list of the printers available and gray out all the offline printers. In case the computer you plan to use is offline, ensure it is correctly connected to your network or PC. If this does not work, you might need to hire printer repair in Richmond, if you’re in this locality.

The printer is very slow

Printers are not created the same way. Laser printers are basically faster than inkjet printers. Waiting for certain budget inkjets to print your document may be very stressful.  If your printer is the old model, you may consider upgrading it. However, if even when using the modern printers, you cannot clearly understand the reason behind it working very slowly, consider hiring the services of printer repairs Richmondhas today to troubleshoot the problem.

Experiencing paper jams

Most printers are subject to irregular paper jam, and certain models may reflect an error message to warn you of a probability of paper jam.  Fortunately, with either business or consumer printers, it is very easy to clear a paper jam. You can open the back or remove the paper tray depending on the instructions on the error message to make the removal of the jammed papers very easy.

It might be possible that papers that are misaligned are the major cause of jam. If so, removing the tray to ensure that the paper is positioned and aligned in the right way and then resetting the tray can help put the jamming to an end. If this does not work, you might consider hiringprinter repairs in Richmond.

Inefficient ink usage

Most printer users mostly complain about high cost of ink.  The cost and capacity of cartridges change depending on the printer. To help reduce toner or ink consumption, check the drivers of your printer. You can print on draft mode to safe on ink usage. Most printers have toner or ink saving setting. Preview the documents you intend to print and reformat them, since they might print with additional white space.

Some people attempt saving money by buying third party ink rather than the one with the manufacturer’s brand. This strategy might be successful at times, but it may lower the quality of prints. Using muddied colors may lead to frequently clogged nozzles, which may require you to hire Richmond printer repairs. In case you plan to use third party ink, conduct research to know what past users have commented about the brand you intend to use. http://gom.com.au/locations/printer-repairs-richmond/

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