Accommodation Options in Bedarra Island

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Bedarra Island is one of the most beautiful parts of Queensland in Australia. The state of Queensland is already teeming with options when it comes to natural attractions but Bedarra island stands out from among them. If you plan on enjoying the beautiful sights and beaches in the island, you need to stay for a few days to make the most of each sight. Choosing the best Bedarra island accommodation is crucial in planning the perfect island vacation. Given that it is a luxury tourist destination, you can also expect to experience the same kind of luxury in the accommodation options in the island.

When looking for accommodation in Bedarra Island, below are just some of the choices you will encounter (along with a list of pro’s and con’s):

Tree House Villa

If you can afford it, go big and opt for a treehouse villa during your stay in Bedarra Island. This isn’t the best option if you are looking for cheap Bedarra island accommodation but it is worth every penny you spend.

The house is perched atop massive granite boulders along a thick canopy of rainforest and palm trees. Hence, it is the ultimate tropical accommodation as you get as close to nature as possible. But that is just a glimpse of what this tree house villa can offer its guests – the real reason for choosing a tree house villa is because of the mesmerizing view of the beach. You can watch the gorgeous view of the glistening water from your tree house villa along with the fine coast and long stretch of beach.

The tree house villa accommodation option also offers a spacious outdoor deck wherein you can relax and unwind while enjoying the view of the ocean. Most tree house villas in Bedarra island are fully furnished with a lot of interior space to ensure maximum comfort, no matter how small or big your group is.

Ocean View Villa

This ocean view villa is somewhat similar in concept and design as the tree house villa. This type of accommodation is also perched atop a cliff so you can get a view of the ocean from your outdoor deck space. However, ocean view villas are situated lower so the view is not as expansive as a tree house villa – but still the beauty of the view is equally spectacular. It also provides the advantage of being closer to the beach so you can easily go back to your private space when you need to relax.

Beach House

This is the closest of all accommodation options to the beach. And this is one of the reasons why tourists prefer staying in a beach house while in Bedarra Island. It makes it easier to go to the beach for a swim and then go back to the beach house to get dressed after. You can also get a view of the ocean from the beach house although your view is limited only to the beach that is in front of you, rather than seeing the entire coast. Nonetheless, it provides you with a private space to have a moment of relaxation and enjoyment while in Bedarra Island.

Known as an artist’s haven, a trip to Bedarra Island will have you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Whichever of the above Bedarra Island accommodation you choose, you can guarantee that the island’s beauty will not disappoint you. In fact, it will linger on your soul and make you yearn to come back!

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