Video vignettes around Riad Sapphire and Spa, Marrakech

We have been busy wandering our local neighbourhood to take video snapshots of some of the craftsmen in our area. By so doing, we hope to give you a glimpse of life in the Sidi ben Slimane neighbourhood of the old city of Marrakech – right from the heart of the medina.

Scroll down to find:

Abdelaziz, local weaver

Local baker

Perfume maker

Mustafa, another of local weavers

Menuisier–the carpenter

Tanjia–a typical Moroccan dish slow-baked in the embers of the hammam furnace

Abdelaziz, one of our local weavers – Sidi ben Slimane

Our local baker – khabbaz – in Sidi ben Slimane

We visited the local baker near the hammam in Sidi ben Slimane Marrakesh. Locals made the dough or dish they want baked at home, then take to the bakery to be baked. It’s like a traditional pizza oven – and they will also bake pizzas for you.

Perfumery in Sidi ben Slimane area of Marrakech

A local perfumer mixes perfumes right in his store – lots of fragrances. It’s a pleasure to walk by his store because of the beautiful aroma.

Mustafa, a local weaver, nr. Riad Sapphire, Marrakesh

The next in our series of mini-videos portraying life around Riad Sapphire. This one is of another weaver, Mustafa, whose store is just next to the mosque ben Nasser at the parking of Sidi ben Slimane. Mustafa’s loom is 114 years old and not for sale. He considers it ‘baraka’ a blessing to allow him to earn his living. He has lovely items for sale, blankets, scarves, also embroidery and you can also have something custom-made.

Le menuisier-the carpenter on your way to the riad

So young and already so skilled – one of the many woodworkers you will find as you wander around the old city, medina, of Marrakesh. This carpenter is on the way to Riad Sapphire. They make a variety of products using traditional patterns passed down from generation to generation. They use solid wood and all their orders are custom orders – so if you have a desire for some beautiful moucharrab (the intricate panels of turned wood) here’s where to go.

Making tanjia, slow-cooked meat dish in clay pot

Join our cook, Khatija, on the way to the hammam to slow-roast a tanjia – the name for both the clay cooking pot as well as the tasty meat dish. A typical Moroccan dish with marinaded meat or chicken.