The City of Marrakesh — a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ancient city gate in the old city of MarrakechNew architecture in Marrakech train station
The old city of Marrakech was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Patrimoine Mondiale) in 2008 in recognition of Marrakesh’ impressive number of masterpieces of architecture and art — the ramparts and monumental gates, Koutoubia Mosque, Saadians tombs, ruins of the Badia’ Palace, Bahia Palace, Menara water feature and pavilion. Recognition as a World Heritage Site also implies the historical aspect and Marrakesh’ decisive role in medieval urban development.

The 700 hectares of the Medina, the ancient habitat, rendered vulnerable due to demographic change, represents an outstanding example of a living historic town with its tangle of lanes, its houses, souks, fondouks, artisanal activities and traditional trades.
We are very proud to be able to offer two beautifully renovated riads /riyadhs using the best of Moroccan craftsmanship. Both Riad Ariha and Riad Chi-Chi feature lovely plasterwork, lustrous tadelakt, elegant wrought iron grillwork that leaves wonderful light patterns on the walls and floor depending on the time of day and the intricate woodwork. We also employed many Moroccan artisans for our interior decoration. They created the lampshades, the furniture, the rugs and the artwork in the riads.
Come and enjoy one of Marrakech’ beautifully renovated riads in the historic city of Marrakech.
Riad Ariha and Riad Chi-Chi, Marrakesh.

Marrakesh UNESCO World Heritage Site


Riad Ariha          Riad Chi Chi