Yahya Creation – exquisite lamps

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Yahya Rouach’s client list may now include Harrods and Saudi princes, but don’t let that put you off. His lanterns and screens may be highly sought-after but given the amount of work that goes into each and every one, they are worth every dirham. The arcade outlet in Guèliz is more of a showroom than a shop, but it deserves to be visited nonetheless.

Yahya is known as the ‘genie’ of Moroccan lanterns and he makes these in either bronze, nickel or silver. His wall-hangings and lanterns are hand-crafted in the traditional way with perforated metalwork. The perforations make for wonderful shadows and all pieces are completely unique. With such precision in every piece, it is almost impossible to believe that it is man, not machine, who has created them. The band of artisan staff who work with Yahya have all been personally selected and have been drawn from all corners of Morocco and together they all work with tiny jewellery saws to make these fabulous creations.

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Look out for the backlit mirrors, which are particularly special, and note that most of the pieces are now collectors’ items.


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