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Founder of Cinema Maroc Houda Lakhdar is an expert blogger and a graduate of the Higher School of Visual Arts, Marrakech. Well known on the indie film circuit, Lakhdar’s short film “Zahra” – produced in 2012 – made ​​its debut at the Spring Festival of Arab Cinema in Paris as well as at the Festival of Mediterranean Short Films, Tangier. So, given all this, Lakhdar is well placed to run a successful blog on the Moroccan film industry.

The website Lakhdar runs, Cinema Maroc, covers most aspects of Moroccan film and is a must-visit for movie-buffs. There is a News section which informs visitors to the site about what is happening right now – usually interviews and events – and a Ranking section which reviews films, normally independent ones. The Archives section is crammed full of factoids about actors, little-known films and interviews with local film stars.

The website is regularly updated here and you can follow on Twitter too @CinemaMaroc

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Queen of the Desert

queen of the desert, film in Marrakech

Nicole Kidman at Cannes Film Festival 2001
Nicole Kidman at Cannes Film Festival 2001 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We don’t like to name-drop, but if you’ve been in Marrakech over the past few weeks you may just have been wandering the same souks as some Hollywood A-listers.

Not so rare in Marrakech – long known as a ‘jet-setting destination – but there is something exciting about the city being used (again) as a film location.

Since the end of last year various Hollywood stars have been popping up over Morocco for the filming of Queen of the Desert – a movie made at the cost of a cool $36 million.

Directed by Werner Herzog, the film is a biographical drama film written and based on the life of English traveller, writer and political officer Gertrude Bell. The film stars Nicole Kidman, James Franco and Robert Pattinson.

Most recently, heart-throb Pattinson has been spotted at the Brazilian theme restaurant Churrascaria Marius Marrakech. Cameras at the ready….

Find out more here: Follow @QueenDesertFilm on Twitter.

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