The Sounds of Marrakech

The Sounds of Marrakech


All of our senses come alive when we walk in the Medina. People often write of the sights and smells – the colours, the spices and so on – but what of the sounds?

This week we stumbled upon a wonderful collection of sound vignettes on the website of Reorient Magazine called ‘Here and Now. Voices of Marrakech’. The recordings capture the sounds of Marrakech perfectly.

This is the creator, Julia Tieke, of the ‘soundscape’ or ‘sonic map’ talking about the project:

-Usually visuals take precedence when one visits cities. Do you hear cities?

“I am very aware of the soundscape of cities, and try to exercise separating sounds from sight, as our vision influences our hearing a lot. Sounds are much less clear, and very often ambiguous when separated from their sources. Hearing cities, for me, also goes beyond the literally audible; it includes listening to stories – those told by people, those hidden, and those imagined.”

Just close your eyes and listen and you’ll be taken straight to the souks.