Marrakech Biennale Art Exhibition 2016


Marrakech Biennale 2016

Upcoming events in Marrakech – the Biennale. Join a crowd of art lovers going to see the Marrakech Biennale – from February 24th to May 8th, 2016. The theme of this year’s event is “Not New Now / Quoi de neuf là”

The Marrakech Biennale, 6th Edition, has made great efforts to build bridges and foster mutual understanding and collaboration between regions in the contemporary art field.

The art scene in Morocco has been growing in recent years and Marrakech, with a number of new modern art galleries, has become the most sought-after and stylish destination in North Africa.

Fifty cities Marrakech number 7


Marrakech main square, Place Jemaa el Fna' , food stalls, night in Marrakesh

Most people could only dream of visiting 50 of the best cities in the world in a lifetime, but if you did set yourself this particular travel mission, for sure Marrakech would make the list.

We have been pondering our own choices recently, as last week the Huffington Post listed their must-see 50 cities, and the results we quite surprising. At number one was Venice and at 50 was Budapest – not bad but everyone would have an opinion of course on what should be at number one (Marrakech!!).

Still, in at a very respectable number 7 – sandwiched between London and Petra – is our own, Marrakech.

The page describes the city as a ‘maze-like corridors full of vibrant souks, stunning architecture, and bubbling tagines around every corner.’

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Weddings in Marrakech

Wedding glamour madness in Marrakech


Unless you’ve been on Mars for the past couple of weeks, you’ll probably have noticed that the glamour stakes have been well and truly turned up to ten here in Marrakech.

British socialite and model Poppy Delevingne may have married in London recently, but that wasn’t to stop her having another bash, to celebrate her marriage to James Cook, this time in Marrakech. The wedding extravaganza meant a completely star-studded guest list, featuring some of the biggest names in British fashion. Amongst the A-list was Princess Beatrice, Sienna Miller, Georgia May Jagger, Alexa Chung and Dynasty icon Joan Collins.

We thought of all the online photo spreads, Grazia magazine did it best, have a look here (warning with such beautiful styles on show, this link may send your credit card into meltdown in the souks!):


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Moroccan Women with a Future

Naima Benazzouz, Marrakech, Moroccan chef

This week’s blog post looks further afield, to Paris, where celebrity chef Alain Ducasse made headlines recently.

Ducasse, who has a collection of upmarket restaurants in Paris, London, New York, Doha, Hong Kong and Monaco, is one of the most famous chefs in the world.

Recently the multi-starred Michelin chef employed Naima Benazzouz, originally from Marrakech, and trained her to cook to an extremely high standard.

Benazzouz was chosen to be part of Ducasse’s Women with a Future project which annually enrols 15 women – immigrants or ethnic minorities born in France – into a year-long specialised cooking course.

It operates in union with public authorities and provides a basic income. The aim is to lift women out of poverty by training and to remove obstacles faced by the women, whether financial or childcare obligations.

After 12 years of struggle, raising three children in a Parisian suburb, Benazzouz’s life changed dramatically with the help of this big-hearted gesture from the celebrity chef Ducasse.

Nowadays, Benazzouz leaves her home in Sarcelles, in the south of the capital, and travels daily to the Matignon, in the chic seventh arrondissement of Paris. From there, she cooks for dignitaries and sometimes at private venues such as the official residence of the French Prime Minister.

Ducasse describes his noble project as a way of helping women suffering ‘social and professional exclusion.’ Positive stories like this one need to be celebrated. We are sure that Benazzouz’s family at home in Marrakech must be extremely proud and that her cooking will be much in demand whenever she visits her home city.

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