Fifty cities Marrakech number 7


Marrakech main square, Place Jemaa el Fna' , food stalls, night in Marrakesh

Most people could only dream of visiting 50 of the best cities in the world in a lifetime, but if you did set yourself this particular travel mission, for sure Marrakech would make the list.

We have been pondering our own choices recently, as last week the Huffington Post listed their must-see 50 cities, and the results we quite surprising. At number one was Venice and at 50 was Budapest – not bad but everyone would have an opinion of course on what should be at number one (Marrakech!!).

Still, in at a very respectable number 7 – sandwiched between London and Petra – is our own, Marrakech.

The page describes the city as a ‘maze-like corridors full of vibrant souks, stunning architecture, and bubbling tagines around every corner.’

Follow the link below to pictures and more inspiration: