Kids in Style

Everyone loves a kaftan – they are perfect for throwing on in the heat. They cover you and keep you cool, are brilliantly colourful and are always easy to wear. They also come in all sizes, even miniature ones! We have long-admired Mini Maroc, a children’s clothing company with an ethical edge that was born out of many happy holidays to Morocco.

The Mini Maroc designs are very ‘mod-Maroc’, incorporating beautiful and intricate detail. Each item, inspired by the colours of Morocco and Berber prints, has been created by using organic fabrics and colourful silk braiding from Morocco. You can get inspired and shop for the new collection here.

Kids clothing Morocco, caftanAs well as making children’s clothes to cherish –mini-kaftans, vests and t-shirts – Mini Maroc is also busy getting the word out about a very worthwhile charity which works hard to rehabilitate street children, re-integrating them back into the community and enrolling them back into schools.