What religion do they have in Morocco?

courtyard of Madrassah Ben YoussefIslam, the official religion of Morocco, has co-existed peacefully with other religions for many years and there is a sizeable community of foreigners in the country, including French, Italian and American. As with other Muslim countries Ramadan is the most important religious festival and is observed by the vast majority of people. During the month-long festival Muslims refrain from drinking, eating and smoking from sunrise to sunset and you will be presented with a few more challenges than tourists visiting at other times as many establishments for food and drink will be closed. Not to worry; you still will be able to find many places open to eat during the day.

Ramadan (Muslim fasting month, July 8 to August 7, 2013) can be an awkward time as many locals neither eat nor drink during the day and may be tired and irritated. At the end of Ramadan Moroccans celebrate a lively feast day, Eid al-Fitr, where sheep are herded along the streets of the Medina to be later roasted and eaten by several families. Ramadan is based on the lunar calendar and gets earlier each year.