FAQS on Marrakech, Riads, Morocco

loggia first floor riad ariha marrakech

Sunny loggia on the upper floor of Riad Ariha, Marrakesh

Riad Chi-Chi roof terrace boutique hotel in Marrakech

Riad Chi-Chi roof terrace boutique hotel in Marrakech








Riad Ariha and Riad Chi-Chi have compiled of list of frequently-asked questions that clients have asked us in the past.

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We will be constantly updating our information – divided into country-related (Morocco), city-related (Marrakech), riad-related (Riad Ariha and Riad Chi-Chi), health-related, and emergency numbers.

If you would like to add a question, please write us an e-mail at info@riadariha.com

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Can I buy Moroccan money outside the country?
Do I need a visa?
How do you pronounce Ouazazarte? Ditto for Essaouira?
What is the dialing code for Morocco and Marrakech?
What is the electrical voltage?
What languages are useful in Morocco?

Can I get alcohol in Marrakech?
Where can I smoke?
What languages are useful in Morocco?
How much should I tip in restaurants?
Should I tip a taxi driver?
What guidebook do you recommend?
Can I use my own mobile phone in Marrakech?
What is the best way to travel within Marrakech?
What is the best way to travel outside of Marrakech?
What is a shared taxi?
What’s the difference between a ‘petit’ and a ‘grand’ taxi?
How much do taxis cost?
Is it safe in the medina of Marrakech?
What if I’m approached by someone who says they work for the riad?
Will I get lost in the Medina?
I’d like to see more but I’m tired, what do I do?

What are check-in and check-out times in the riad?
How far is Marrakech airport from the riad?
Can friends stay over in a riad in Marrakech?
Can I do laundry in the riad?
Should I tip the riad staff?
Can I smoke in the riad?

Do I need any vaccinations before arriving?
Any health tips?
Is it safe to eat at the food stalls in the main square?
Is it safe to drink the water in Marrakesh?
What happens if I get sick?

Emergency numbers that we hope you will not need.

What happens if my passport is lost?