Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Art (MMP+)

Marrakesh Museum of Photography Hassan Hajjaj

Mikhael Subotzky Marrakesh Photography

There is a lot of excitement building about the Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Art (MMP+) which is set to open in 2016.

Ahead of the launch MMP+ invited five highly-regarded photographers from Magnum Photos to shoot the people and streets of Marrakech over the course of two weeks. The results can now be viewed at the exhibition ‘Portrait of Marrakech.’ Curated by Simon Njami, the show is on until 1 February 2014 at the El Badi Palace – the museum’s temporary home.

Of all the photographers exhibiting, we particularly recommend the South African photographer Mikhael Subotzky, who took to the back of a motorcycle to take his shots.

This unusual tactic allows the viewer a ‘similar but different’ examination of familiar streets. By using six different cameras, all of which were mounted to the vehicle, the result is dizzying and hypnotic. The cameras used were the sort that estate agents normally like to employ in order to capture the inside of buildings and give a 360-degree viewpoint.

His cameras expertly recorded the everyday life of Marrakech. There are all the usual scenes of the tourist buses, carts, donkeys, women out shopping and children laughing but the way they have been captured is entirely new. It is this mixture that makes his work so fascinating.

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