Up to now known only to a few – one of the best places to eat in Guèliz, Marrakech

Amal association restaurant in Marrakesh

Amal women's training centre Marrakech - good restaurant

Association Amal – it doesn’t sound trendy or chic. It’s authentic and serves good food.

prepared dish at Amal Association Marrakech

Eat and help others – a simple concept but one full of hope for women chosen to benefit from the training program by this association.  Barely a year old, Amal (‘Hope’ in Arabic), offers very tasty meals, beautifully presented and at a very reasonable price. We wish them much success.


We had lunch there recently and found ourselves warmly welcomed. You can sit either inside or outside in a pleasant garden. Hard to believe that busy Guèliz is steps away.


Their appetizers are 20 or 30 dirhams, the entrées 40 dirhams and desserts 20 dirhams. We chose a white chocolate dessert in a strawberry sauce. Mmm, delicious and beautifully presented.


If you live in Marrakech and are organizing a party, they can do the catering for you.


The easiest way to get to Amal center by taxi is to ask for “Polyclinique du Sud”.  They are one block away.  Their website has a clear map so you walk in the right direction.


From the outside, it looks like a private villa with a hedged privacy fence – there is a doorway with the name “Association Amal” clearly written outside, maybe even their daily menu.


Corner of rue Alklal Ben Ahmed and rue Ibn Sina

Ibn Tofail Hospital quarter

Guèliz, Marrakech

Cell: 06 04 23 88 60

Tel.: 05 24 44 68 96





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