Brasserie de Flore restaurant, Marrakech

Brasssere de flor, exterior, Marrakech

Brasserie de Flor, interior, MarrakechBrasserie de Flor, terrace cafe, Marrakech

Brasserie de Flore
A new, welcome addition to the restaurant scene in Marrakesh is the Brasserie de Flore. An authentic French Brasserie (think early 20th century) in Marrakech Plaza, Place du 16 novembre in the heart of Guèliz, the new town of Marrakesh. The tastiest restaurant meal I’ve eaten in Marrakech is at Brasserie de Flore. The décor, typically French so you’d think you were in France, is one of understated elegance with crystal chandeliers and fans hanging from the high ceilings. It is spotlessly clean and offers great food at great prices and in very generous portions. Open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Steak and chips, Brasserie de Flor, in Marrakech

Brasserie de Flore
Marrakech Plaza, Place du 16 novembre
05 24 45 80 00

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