Video vignettes on life in the old city of Marrakesh

Artisans in the medina of Marrakesh

We have been exploring the many artisans’ workshops in the vicinity of our two riads, Riad Ariha and Riad Chi-Chi, in the old city of Marrakesh. It is in these workshops that many of the wonderful products on sale in the suqs are manufactured. Some of the workshops are in full view as you wander

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Life around Riad Chi-Chi in the medina, Marrakesh

We wandered around the suqs close to Riad Chi-Chi in the area near the Medersa Ben Youssef and the Musee de Marrakech and videoed craftsmen hard at work producing goods for sale in the market or made-to-order, like the lampshades in Riad Chi-Chi. Scroll down to visit: Abdelaziz the wood turner, close Le Foundouk restaurant

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Video vignettes around Riad Sapphire, Marrakech

We have been busy wandering our local neighbourhood to take video snapshots of some of the craftsmen in our area. By so doing, we hope to give you a glimpse of life in the Sidi ben Slimane neighbourhood of the old city of Marrakech – right from the heart of the medina. Scroll down to

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Abdelaziz, the weaver, one of our video vignettes on life in the medina of Marrakech

We have started doing some short video vignettes on life in the medina around the riads, Riad Ariha and Riad Chi-Chi. Strolling around the old city you see all kinds of interesting activities — craftspeople working at their trade: weavers, metal workers, bakers, woodworkers. The first video is of Abdelaziz, one of our local weavers,

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The makers of babouches – Marrakesh

Short video on the making of babouches – filmed in one of the many backstreet workshops in the suqs of the old city of Marrakech, Morocco.

Le menuisier-the carpenter on your way to the riad

So young and already so skilled – one of the many woodworkers you will find as you wander around the old city, medina, of Marrakesh. This carpenter is on the way to Riad Ariha. They make a variety of products using traditional patterns passed down from generation to generation. They use solid wood and all

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Plasterwork – a skill alive and well in Marrakech

Morocco is famous for its intricate plasterwork. Buildings have real plaster walls rather than drywall. It is another skill that is alive and well in Marrakesh adding architectural details that make Moroccan architecture so beautiful. A short video on the skill of plastering in Marrakech.

One of the Many Skilled Woodturners in Marrakech

You’ll see many of these wood turners as you wander around the old city of Marrakech – noticeable by their deft use of toes to turn wood into things useful, like barbecue skewers. Here Abdelaziz is fashioning me a good luck charm-all without electricity. Life around Riad Chi-Chi in the Medina, Marrakesh

Mustafa, One of Our Local Weavers Close to Riad Sapphire Marrakesh

The next in our series of mini-videos portraying life around Riad Sapphire. This one is of another weaver, Mustafa, whose store is just next to the mosque ben Nasser at the parking of Sidi ben Slimane. Mustafa’s loom is 114 years old and not for sale. He considers it “baraka” a blessing to allow him

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Mohamed, Our Lampshade Maker for Riad Chi-Chi, Marrakech

We are often asked about the lampshades in Riad Chi-Chi — you don’t see them for sale in the souks. So here is a small video about Mohamed, our lampmaker. He can make what you want to-order. He agreed to show us some of his skills – you will see lots of workshops like his

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