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Atelier Nihal – boutique in Marrakech


Evening bag Atelier Nihal boutique in Marrakech

Atelier Nihal is a perfect example of the blend of European design combined with Moroccan skills. It has been around for 11 years.

The designer, Marion Verdier, designs and produces traditional and bespoke hand-woven fabrics on traditional hand looms. The difference between her work and what is made in the suqs in the old city of Marrakech is the more contemporary way of mixing textures: leather, beads, wool …





The looms can produce fabrics from 60 cm to 2 meters wide and is sold by the linear meter. The workshop produces very high quality items made from the fabric. Many prestige hotels have ordered accessories from Atelier Nihal including the Mamounia Hotel, Palais Namaskar, Four Seasons Hotel …

Atelier Nihal also works with a lot of interior designers.

interior design Atelier Nihal shopping in Marrakechloom weaving in Marrakechhandloom Atelier Nihal shopping in Marrakech

Marion has a workshop in the design district of Sidi Ghanem, on the outskirts of Marrakech that people are welcome to visit. Sidi Ghanem is the crucible for many avant-garde designs.

bag Atelier Nihal shopping in Marrakech

In her store in the Rue des Vieux Marrakechi in the new town, Gueliz, in Marrakech, you’ll find quite unique items, from tiny change purses to larger bags and cushion covers. They are all high-quality items.

A store worth visiting.




Cushions Atelier Nihal shopping in Marrakech


266, Q.I. Sidi Ghanem
Route de Safi, Marrakech
 16, rue des Vieux Marrakchis
Gueliz, Marrakech
 212 (0)6 71 16 01 62

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Via Notti bed linens from Marrakesh

Via Notti is another store in the design district of Sidi Ghanem, in Marrakesh. It makes beautiful bed and bath linens from high-quality fabrics and adds some really lovely embroidery.

hand embroidery, bed linens, Via Notti, in Marrakech


219 Industrial Zone,
Route de Safi.