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Cultural tips for Morocco

Morocco is one of the most liberal Islamic countries – but you should respect and be sensitive to their customs and restrictions. The main restriction a tourist will encounter is banned entry into the mosques if you are not a Muslim. This is unfortunate, as many mosques feature beautiful artistry of design. There are a

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What religion do they have in Morocco?

Islam, the official religion of Morocco, has co-existed peacefully with other religions for many years and there is a sizeable community of foreigners in the country, including French, Italian and American. As with other Muslim countries Ramadan is the most important religious festival and is observed by the vast majority of people. During the month-long

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Ramadan and Marrakesh

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and while the exact dates cannot be determined, this year it falls in July/August. For anyone who is traveling in Marrakech during Ramadan, the British Embassy has issued a guide answering common questions for any non-Muslims. Q: Do I have to fast? A: You, as

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