Latitude 31 new restaurant in Marrakech

Latitude 31 restaurant patio Marrakech

Already #3 on Tripadvisor, this restaurant on the road between Riad Laarous and Bab Doukkala has shot up on the popularity list.  It is easily accessible from our riad, Riad Sapphire and Spa.  From the square at Riad Laarous, take the road west that leads past the Mohamed V high school.  The restaurant is on your left-hand side. You enter via a wide corridor and turn right into a really large courtyard – with shady trees and palms.

menu-latutude31-nest-pas-restaurantStarter menu Latitude 31 restaurant in Marrakech

The menu can be described as nouvelle Moroccan cuisine – a blend of traditional and modern Moroccan cooking. Dishes are beautifully presented – like works of art.

It’s slightly expensive and does not have an alcohol licence.


latitude31 dessert Restaurant Marrakech







Open from noon to 11 p.m. Closed on Wednesdays

86, rue El Gza Arset lhiri Bab Doukkala – Marrakech, 186 Rue el Gza, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco


Phone:+212 5243-84934


 Atay Restaurant – in Marrakech

Atay restaurant medina of Marrakech


Fairly new restaurant in the medina of Marrakech. Good place to stop for lunch on your way to the Medersa Ben Youssef, Marrakech Musuem or the Maison de la Photographie.

Recommended by clients who told us it was a great find – good food, good value, good wifi and nice music.

There are several levels, including two rooftop terraces.  The staff is friendly and speak good English.

62 Sidi Abdelaziz Amsfah, Marrakech, Morocco

Cell: 06 61 34 42 46

Café Clock in Marrakech

The first Café Clock opened in Fez, Morocco and now there is one in Marrakech.  A great place for cultural exchanges as well as a cup of coffee and a place to rest.

Cafe Clock in MarrakechCafés are spring up all over the medina of Marrakech – and a welcome addition they are too.

There is local artwork on the walls alongside vintage items, street art and a program set up for cultural exchanges and the promotion of aspiring artists. Every Wednesday there are jam sessions for musicians – anyone can bring along their instrument. There is traditional Marrakchi storytelling with an English translator on Thursday nights. Saturday nights offer live concerts. You can also find classes for yoga, darija, oud, calligraphy and oriental dancing …

More than your average café.  In the Kasbah area of the old city.

224 Derb Chtouka


05 24 37 83 67

Café in oldest restored riad in the medina of Marrakech

dar cherifa doorway medina of marrakech


Café littéraire is one of the oldest renovated riads in Marrakech.

Dar Cherifa is an ancient residence in the old city that has been restored by a well-known figure in Marrakech, Abellatif Aït Ben Abdallah, whose mission is to restore the ancient architecture of Marrakech so they can be enjoyed and appreciated by all travellers with a love of architecture.

Dar Cherifa oldest of riads in Marrakech

Passionate about the architecture of this ancient city, classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, he set about restoring riads in Marrakech  at a time when Marrakchis were more interested in moving out to the new areas.  Ancient walls could crumble with no-one paying attention to the loss of historical monuments. He began restoring one riad, the first in a long series, and so began a work of patience dominated by one single idea: to share his love for these ancient residences and to preserve the historical architecture of Marrakech.

Modern travellers can drop by for some Moroccan mint tea or order a meal.

Derb Chorfa Lkabir, Mouassine, Marrakech

Tel.: 05 24 42 64 63 or 05 24 39 16 09

Le Jardin Restaurant


Le Jardin, medina of MarrakeshIf like us, you love the rooftop at Café des Épices but sometimes find it too crowded, head over to its sister restaurant, Le Jardin. It’s just a short stroll away.

Set in the flowery courtyard of a restored riad, Le Jardin is a curious space where you’ll see projected art-house movies on the walls at night and a fashionable crowd eating and drinking in the shaded garden during the day. Trees, water and shade abound so this is just the space for when you want to put your feet up. There’s even a small library under the courtyard arches.

Try the milkshakes during the day (milk with avocado, milk with carrot, almond milk then in the evening switch to traditional Moroccan dishes like tajine d’agneau, mixed grill with taktouka or Beldi chicken with saffron, honey and semolina Seffa.

There’s often a party atmosphere at Le Jardin which as well as being a place of culture, it also doubles as a special events venue.  A special, must-visit place.

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I Limoni Restaurant in Marrakesh

I limoni restaurant in Marrakech

Sometimes you just want somewhere that reminds you of your favourite Italian go-to restaurant back home. To drink lemonade, eat pasta and gently download all the experiences, sights and sounds of the Medina in the shade. I Limoni is that place.

An Italian restaurant that doubles up as a coffee shop in the heart of the medina, it has a cool, shaded patio and terrace. Lemon trees scent the air and there are plenty of corners for relaxing in after a hearty Italian meal. Not any old Italian meal either, many consider the food of I Limoni to be some of the best Italian fare in all of North Africa.

For a special treat opt for the spaghetti au poivron et tomate then heave yourself up to the rooftop terrace to soak up the scenic houses on the horizon.

‘Hidden gem’ may be a much-overused descriptor, but it can be applied to I Limoni. Seek it out.

There’s no website for I Limoni but keep up with all the news here at their FaceBook page:

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Chic café in the medina of Marrakesh

Kremm Kafe 7 in Marrakesh cafe


Krem Kafé 7

The opening of new cafés is hard to keep up with.  My latest discovery is a chic café called Palais Khum in the street down from Dar el Bacha (where the sentries stand outside). The antique stores round about are also upgrading their image by making modern renovations to make their wares more enticing.

Decorated with style – Kremm Kafé7 is a nice spot to rest as you troll the medina.


2 Derb el Hammaria

Dar el Bacha, Marrakech Medina


Tel. 05 24 39 03 89 / 06 66 12 03 42

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Sweet Tooth?

Patisserie de Prince, Marrakeshy
If all that haggling in the souk has made you hungry, head down to Patisserie de Princes on the rue Bab Agnaou. As one of the best-loved sweet shops and patisserie cafes in Marrakech, it is popular with everyone from local school children to backpackers and wealthy ex-pats. Best of all, if you’ve got a bit hot and bothered it is air-conditioned and serves delicious, cooling milkshakes. There are also lip-smacking eclairs and mille-feuilles, all temptingly laid out in chilled glass cabinets. Or, if you have time to linger, head out to the salon at the back for some ice-cream and mint tea. A welcome retreat and a fascinating glance into Moroccan culture.

32 Rue Bab Agnaou, just off the Jemaa el Fna. +212 5 24 40 30 33

Café in the medina of Marrakech

Meal in Marrakech, Un Dejeuner a Marrakech cafe restaurant

Un déjeuner à Marrakech – rather a long name for a simple café in the medina of Marrakech. I came across it walking from the main square, Place Jemaa’ el Fna’ to the Palais Bahia, taking rue Kennaria.  It’s a nice street to walk down with lots of interesting shops.  This café is in a small square – home also to a few interesting boutiques: Jamade and L’Étrangère for instance (see our shopping section). It has a few tables outside but best to climb the stairs to the roof terrace for a welcome rest. Good place to go after Palais Bahia.

2-4 Angle Rue Kennaria and Douar Graoua
Marrakech Medina
Tel. 05 24 37 83 87
Cell: 06 11 27 88 19
Facebook page:

Café des Epices, near the Place Jemaa el Fna’, Marrakech

Cafe des Epices Marrakech
Cafe des epices, menu, behind the Place, Marrakesh
There were days when you could tramp around the markets for hours and never find a café to sit down and have a rest – now cafés in the medina are springing up all over. This one is just behind the main square, Place Jemaa’ el Fna’. It’s a welcome place to sit down and have a drink and quick sandwich or soup for lunch, or whenever you find it, and watch the action below. Roof terrace – sun hats provided. Free WiFi.
Café des Epices

Place aux esclaves – Médina de Marrakech, 40000
05 24 39 17 70