Fez Sacred Music Festival

Getting musical in Fezfez-music-festival-morocco

For this week’s blog post we travel to Fez to bring you news of the Sacred Music Festival which is running from June 13th to the 21st.

During this time, Fez will be a veritable hot-bed of creativity as the festival kicks-off for another year. The annual theme this time is ‘The Conference of the Birds – Journey of Cultures’ and it will see huge international stars like the Blues legend Buddy Guy perform, the tabla master Zakir Hussain and the soulful Sengalese singer Youssou N’Dour.

The festival is a famous and renowned world event, which is not just a music festival but an event which actively promotes cross-cultural understanding. Something that is more important today than ever if you have the time, definitely pay a visit.

For tickets and to find out more visit www.fesfestival.com