Travelling to Marrakech?


Marrakech – pack light, pack well


Marrakech often causes much huffing and puffing when it comes to packing for a holiday. It’s hot, it’s a Muslim country (which means covering up) but it’s also a place of great style. So, how to tick all the boxes (conservative but chic and cool?).

The Telegraph tackled the packing conundrum last week and covered the best buys for a trip to Marrakech.

We love the blue Zara trousers (bold but loose and cool) and the Classic Fedora rollable – Brisa Weave Grade 8 hat. We agree that a good sun hat is essential and this one is fairtrade and is built to last. We also love the tip: ‘Head to Souk Chouari for sweet-smelling cedar-wood furniture. In the likely event that your luggage allowance will not accommodate one of the pretty folding side tables, buy a small trinket instead.’

We suggest you leave the Gap leather tote bag though. Nice as it is – you will find better and cheaper at the leather section of the souk when you arrive.





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