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Marrakech airport modern design

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A return visit to Marrakech after six years away reveals a stylish international destination where rich tradition meets 21st-century luxury

Marrakech airport modern design Mosque entrance door in Marrakech

My husband and I recognized the transformation instantly upon our arrival at Marrakech’s airport for a week’s vacation last April. After six years away from the Moroccan city we once called home—and where our daughter, now ten, learned to converse in a rapid-fire medley of Arabic, French, and English—it was no surprise that changes had occurred in our absence. …

Marrakech, like most major Moroccan cities, offers two faces to the traveler, a product of its legacy as a French protectorate from 1912 to 1956. One is the dusty medina, an embodiment of Morocco before Western powers took a geopolitical interest in this corner of the Maghreb. The other is the Ville Nouvelle, often referred to as Guéliz, the modern town that the French built outside the medina, an urbane community of spacious boulevards and tree-shaded streets that was originally lined with clay-color Art Moderne villas as neat as sugar cubes.

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