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Mourad, soulful Moroccan cookingWe know how much discovering the food culture of Morocco means to our guests. Exploring Marrakech means getting to grips with the different flavours, spices and recipes and is all part of the fun. We run cooking classes at both of our riads, which are proving very popular indeed. Travelling foodies of course also want to learn how to cook Moroccan dishes back home, so as well as imparting some well-practiced culinary tricks and recipes we also like to recommend a cookbook or two.

There are a lot of Moroccan recipe books out there that explain how to cook everything from tagines to couscous dishes, but one that we really enjoy is by Mourad Lahlou, who, at his Michelin-starred San Francisco restaurant, has developed a new, modern Moroccan cuisine. His cookbook ‘Mourad: New Moroccan’ includes the classics – basteeya, couscous, preserved lemons etc but he also adds exciting new twists to traditional recipes. The result is a book of 100-plus recipes and inspiring location photography – a must for all travelling gourmands.

The restaurant is in San Francisco –

And you can find out more about the book, here –



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