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sisimo rap star, marrakech

Moroccan hip-hop artist

Famous in Morocco, SiSimo is one of the country’s best-loved hip-hop stars. He can be heard on the radio, seen on the TV and watched at festivals and concerts.  We heard about him from the excellent website They reported on his latest album ‘Bach Jay Bach Dayr’, which is now available worldwide via iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. The album is split into two, on the first side it is modern rap-rock, and on the second, there’s more of an old-school vibe.

What is refreshing about SiSimo is that he doesn’t rap about the usual topics – it’s not all jewellery and fast cars – instead he raps about Moroccan society and tries to pass on positive messages. He may only be 28 years old but he understands social injustices poverty, illiteracy, crime and the high cost of living and he’s not afraid to sing about them. In fact, his most famous song, “Kilimini” speaks directly of the wealth gap in Moroccan society.

His website is here and you can hear some of his best songs, here on his FaceBook fan page:


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