Moroccan film footage on britishpathé.com

pathe old films Marrakesh

pathe old films Marrakesh

After stumbling upon the British Pathé website we were amazed by some of the old footage that can be found catalogued within the site. A short search – either by entering ‘Marrakech’, ‘Marrakesh’ or ‘Morocco’ – can bring up all sorts of fascinating footage from many years ago.

We found a market scene in the Medina from 1974 and various shots of the Sultan inspecting troops of Moroccan army where crowds of dignitaries watch, including some European army officers, from 1937.

In Terry Ashwood’s film ‘Marrakech – Desert Paradise’ from 1948, we watched a unique snapshot of Marrakech with a voice-over from a different time. Admittedly, the commentary seems a little dated but it’s intriguing to watch old scenes of the Atlas Mountains, hotel grounds, waiters, markets and orange trees. There’s a spice seller with his spices laid out in piles on a newspaper and money changing hands with stall owners. You can watch this clip here:

This collected footage shows just how Morocco has changed over the decades and how in some ways, things have stayed the same (the craftsmanship, the trading, storytellers and so on).

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