Hot to Trot

Horse riding, Palmeraie, Marrakech countryside

As you know, one of our favourite places to cool off in the hot summer is the green belt of the Palmerie. The summer months are also a great time of year to get some wind in your hair by spending some time with the professional horse riders known as ‘The Cavaliers of the Atlas.’ This professional outfit takes horse-riders of all abilities out for anything from an hour to a whole day. After a mint-tea welcome, it is heavenly to ride through traditional villages on thorough-bred Arab and Anglo-Arab Sidi-Berni horses, passing by waterways and traditional farming. A unique experience!

Half day rides (two and a half hours on horseback) 50 € per person. Complete day ride with lunch and tea with the locals  90 € per person. horse riding, Palmeraie, Marrakech

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