Marrakesh the city

Marrakech has over 300 days of sunshine and is a year-round destination.

Ideal for friends or family reunions, romantic getaways or just getting away.

Chill out or celebrate in exotic Marrakech, Morocco.


menara gardens in Marrakesh
Menara gardens in Marrakech
Marrakesch city walls
Part of the ramparts of the city wall in Marrakesh

Marrakesh the city: A mixture of the exotic and the familiar — the old city of Marrakech with its narrow alleyways and enticing markets offers us a glimpse of a different way of living. The Marrakech medina (old city) has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site.


Place Jemaa el fna', main square, Marrakech, by day
The main square, Place Jemaa el fna’, Marrakech, by day
main square place jemaa el fna' marrakech by night
The Main Square Place Jemaa el Fna’ by night

Marrakech by night

Enjoy fresh orange juice from one of the stands in the main square, Place Jemaa el Fna’.

orange juice stand, main square, Marrakech, Place Jemaa el Fna'
Orange juice stand Place Jemaa el Fna’, Marrakech

The new town, Gueliz, in Marrakesh

The new city, Gueliz, with its restaurants, boutiques and outdoor caf├ęs, looks and feels European.